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Over the last 25 years, our visitors have included Corbett fans from all over the world, eager to follow the same forest trails that Jim Corbett himself trod in the early years of the 20th century. The Kaladhungi forests feature prominently in his tales of tracking down trophy tigers and potential man-eaters. In particular, his stories of the "Batchelor of Powalgarh" and the "Pipal Pani Tiger" describe the Kaladhungi forests to great effect. "Jungle Lore" describe Jim's childhood exploits in these forests, part of which he called his "Farmyard" due to the large numbers of jungle murghis that he encountered here.

Happily, the distinctive pugmarks of tiger and leopard can still be found on the same trails, and the forest still echoes to a multitude of bird song, as it did in Corbett's day.

Here then are some images of iconic locations from some of Corbett's best-known jungle tales:


1. The Glade where Corbett first saw the "Batchelor of Powalgarh" tiger

 The Glade


2. The "isolated hill" where Corbett tracked the Batchelor with Robin

 The isolated hill


3. Pipal Pani

Pipal Pani 


4. Jim's jungle studio where he made his pioneering cine films of tigers in the 1930's

 Jim's jungle studio

 All photographs by Chris Salt (c) copyright reserved


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